crochet chat : Hexipetl Shawl for Gomitoli's

Hello and happy Monday my blog buddies! Today I have some fabulous news to share about the 'Italian project' I've been teasing you with recently. I am so excited that at last it is here and at last I can share what it is with you all! So without further ado this is my Hexipetl Shawl designed exclusively for Gomitoli's which is currently available on their website as a limited edition kit...

Hexipetl Shawl : Exclusive kit design by Emma Lamb for the Italian yarn company Gomitoli's | Emma Lamb

Yay! It is such a relief to finally be able to tell you all about this gorgeous project that I was working on back in June. This beautiful yarn was turned into these sneaky peek pics which were then quickly turned into this gorgeous summer shawl. I hope you are loving it just as much as I am?


Woo-hoo!!! I'm on Instagram now, come follow me... if you like!? | Emma Lamb

Hello! Hello! It's been a wee while hasn't it!? I hadn't planned to be away from my blog for so long but the last few weeks have just been so busy and then I went and bought myself a new toy. A spiffy new tablet! My first tablet in fact! Actually my first ever techie mobile device!

crochet pinning : monochrome

Hello my blog buddies and happy, happy Friday! Today I'm going monochrome with lots of black, white and neutral crochet inspiration picks. It's not a common theme in my crochet or even around this blog as you know, but it is something I've been thinking about a lot lately and something I'm finding inspiring for a couple of reasons...

crochet pinning : monochrome | Emma Lamb

The black and white 'Scandi' theme is huge right now and has been for a while and I am sure it will be for a long, long time to come too since it is such a modern classic. And while I would love to live with but just can't because it is a little too austere for my more Scandi Boho / bit-of-a-hoarder style it does have some interesting lessons to teach and ideas to inspire us...

crochet chat : the 'Italian project'

crochet chat : the 'Italian' project | Emma Lamb

'Tis done! The 'Italian' project as it has been nicknamed has now been sampled, written, charted, photographed and is now ready for sending to Italy... woo-hoo! Although I still can't divulge all the details just yet I do hope you enjoy these few sneaky peeks, even as cryptic as they are!?