colour pinning : egg-ceptional hues!

colour pinning : egg-ceptional hues! | Emma Lamb

I know. I know. Terrible pun! But it was just too perfect for today's post! Lately I've been gathering a wee bit of eggy inspiration over on my Pinterest pages and I'm amazed at the creativity and resourcefulness of folk when it comes to decorating humble little eggs. I think my favourite methods are those that make the most of the natural brown colour of regular eggs or the subtle tones from naturally dyeing white eggs. So pretty! I'll certainly be rummaging through my kitchen cupboards for some interesting colours this weekend. Do you have any recommendations for good colours? I know I have a red cabbage to try and maybe something in the way of spices? What have you tried before that you know makes for pretty colours?

1. Easter Egg Photography : Carolyn Cochrane {pin}

2. DIY: Dying Eggs Naturally : Lovely Clusters {pin}

3. It’s DIY Time {Easter Egg Mania} : Miss Renaissance {pin}

4. Make This: Fresh Flower Polka Dot Easter Eggs : Paper&Stitch {pin}

5. Natural Brown Easter Eggs : Kaley Ann {pin}

6. Easter Prep: Day 1 - Egg Dude Hats : The Yvestown Blog {pin}

7. Brown Eggs Still Life : Amy Roth Photography {pin}

Wishing you all an egg-ceptional Easter weekend and I shall see you back here later next week,
Emma, x

handmade things I'm loving right now

Hello my lovely blog buddies! Today I want to share with you a few handmade favourites that I've got my eye on at the moment. Lots of useful and beautiful things that I'd would happily fill up my little world with!

handmade things I'm loving right now (Ceramic serving bowl Marina Marinski Ceramics) | Emma Lamb

Ceramic serving bowl by Marina Marinski Ceramics - I love all of Marina's adorable face plates but this peachy sweet lady is top of my list at the moment closely followed by this lilac lovely. A whole collection of these would make a fabulous plate wall, especially for a nursery since the colours Marina uses are so pretty!

handmade things I'm loving right now (

"To The Stillness" and "Grace In the Winds" by Emily Jeffords - I only just discovered Emily's gorgeous cloudscapes a few days ago but I was completely smitten at first sight. I love her expressive brush marks and use of fresh and pretty colours. Instead of moody cloudscapes they're light and uplifting, very spring-like. Lovely!

handmade things I'm loving right now (The 'wool' yarn bowl by Little Wren Pottery) | Emma Lamb

The 'wool' yarn bowl by Little Wren Pottery - There are many yarn bowls out there but I have to say that this discovery from Little Wren Pottery is by far and away my favourite. Simple and understated with the cutest 'wool' lettering detail. Plus this 'vanilla cream' version is the perfect colour for showing off any pretty yarn!

handmade things I'm loving right now (Tree Peony and Botanicals No.2 by United Thread) | Emma Lamb

Tree Peony and Botanicals No.2 by United Thread - Michelle's water colour paintings are always mesmerisingly beautiful and I can't stop admiring these two right now. Tree peony on the left especially, how gorgeous is this painting!?

handmade things I'm loving right now (Zipped Pouch and Mini Pincushion by Cozy Memories) | Emma Lamb

Zipped Pouch and Mini Pincushion by Cozy Memories - My lovely friend Sonia has been adding lots of gorgeous new wares to her shop recently and these are just two of my favourites. This simple zipped pouch would be perfect for holding my crochet hooks or interchangeable knitting needles. It is from her new line around the theme of 'pure'. A collection of simple, elegant designs created with organic linens making the most of this beautiful fabric in it's natural state. And her adorable mini black cat pincushion is along the same lines but has been hand stamped with a cute design she carved herself. How sweet is this!?

handmade things I'm loving right now (Weavings by Maryanne Moodie) | Emma Lamb

Weavings by Maryanne Moodie - I know I'm not the only one who marvels over each and every weaving created by the fabulously talented Maryanne Moodie. Her eye for pattern, colour and texture is entirely enviable so when she posted this pic of her most recent pieces on Instagram and Pinterest a couple of days ago I could not tear myself away from it's loveliness. Pure eye candy for me! Oh how I would love one of these for my studio, I'm thinking the pretty pink and blue one with brown tassells in the top right corner would be my first choice. So beautiful!

Emma, x

haiku #3, an Easter special

Who's up for a haiku challenge this Easter!? Lovely Anthea over at Spoonful has been inspired by my recent haiku scribblings (here and here) and has chosen haiku poems as the theme for the annual Spoonful Easter competition. As soon as I found out about this years theme I began thinking lots of chocolaty, haiku thoughts. Obviously! I also began to take my haiku musing a little more seriously. Too seriously! I got struck down with haiku writers block and needed inspiration. Much to my dismay double chocolate rations haven't helped thus far!

After hearing the tinkling of bunny bells these last couple of days I figured it wouldn't be long before I spotted on of those timid creatures in all his shiny golden foil glory. And sure enough this morning I was able to catch a quick snap of a beautiful golden bunny before he darted off amongst the bookshelves again! This lovely little chap proved to be the just inspiration I needed for haiku number three summing up my pre-Easter anticipation...

haiku #3, an Easter special | Emma Lamb

Waiting very patiently at the moment, who knows if I will make it to the weekend!? Bunnies beware! (Probably why they're so timid.)

Oh yes, and there is an absolutely gorgeous prize up for grabs in this competition, this fabulous Victorian Lace Golden Egg print by Collectivity Lane Studio & Design...

Win this Victorian Lace Golden Egg by Collectivity Lane Studio & Design in the annual Spoonful Easter competition

Isn't it gorgeous!? I so want it! I am sure you guys do too!? To be in with a chance dust off your writing caps and start thinking of Easter inspired haikus. Anthea isn't being strict about writing traditional style haikus, but they must be based on the five, seven, five syllable construction. Entries are due by Monday 28th April so you have plenty of time and the whole chocolate filled Easter break to be inspired. Hop on over to Spoonful for all the details and how you go about submitting your entries.

Emma, x